#70 – KLM – Lost & Found Service

Dogs can be more useful than any smartphone app. Simple things are often the best.

“28” – the product development process by Jeff Bezos

“Our product development process always starts the same way. We don’t start out by saying, “We have to build an X.” We say, “If we were going to build an X, how would it be different? How would it be better?” And it can’t just be different. It has to be different constrained by customers caring. It’s easy to be different if you don’t constrain it that way. But it has to be useful.”

In the beginner's mind, there are many possibilities but in expert's there are a few.

via Paul Isakson

#69 – Vittel Refresh Cap

Vittel reminds you to drink water during the day through a timer-cap.

Credit : Ogilvy Paris

#68 – Duracell – Warm bus stop

Duracell helps you stay warm in cold winter, transforming a bus stop into a heating station