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Marketing as service 0

“It’s an opportunity for marketers to be much more creative than they were in the past” John Nardone, CEO of x+1. This short video shows the unlimited potential in our digital era for brand marketers to create new services around their products and demonstrate the meaning of their brand. Special K is a particularly relevant […]

#26 – Google – Teach parents tech 0

Who ? Google, probably the most useful brand today. What’s the utility ? It’s very commun to meet some people who are not able to use correctly the web and all the different Internet tools. Some guys at Google decided to create a cool website with very nice videos to explain many tech things. You […]

#17 – Diageo – the BAR 0

Who ? Diageo, “the world’s leading premium drinks business with an outstanding collection of beverage alcohol brands across spirits, wines and beer categories. These brands include Johnnie Walker, Guinness, Smirnoff, J&B, Baileys, Jose Cuervo, Tanqueray, Captain Morgan, and Crown Royal, as well as Beaulieu Vineyard and Sterling Vineyards wine.” To know more about Diageo, have […]

#6 – Nestlé – iPhone app “Devenir Maman” 0

Who ? Nestlé and especially its products for baby. What’s the utility ? For any women, many questions appear all along the pregnancy : what will change ? How to deal with my food ? With these strange feelings ? Bottle or breast feeding ? and many others… With this iPhone application, Nestlé gives the […]