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#35 – Roche Diabetes Care – AccuCheck 0

Who? A world famous pharmaceutic company : Roche, more precisely Roche Diabetes Care. What’s the utility? To help the patients, the company created a blog, Accu-chek, with a Facebook page and a Twitter account. We can imagine how hard it is for the patient and his family to deal with this disease. That’s why Roche […]

#30 – Schweppes – Facebook Profile App 0

Who? Schweppes, the beverage brand sold all around the world. What’s the utility? Facebook recently updated the way the profile is designed, so that it permits you to be very creative. Schweppes created an application that makes the profile customization very easy. Four steps: upload picture, adjust settings, save tag pictures, and your profile looks […]

“16” – Useful quotes – Mark Zuckerberg 0

“I just think one of the thing that is amazing about the Internet is if you build something good that is a service that is valuable for people, it can spread quickly and if you create value for other people then you might be able to realize a portion of that value yourself. I mean […]