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#57 – Club Sanguebom – The donnor cable 0

We adopt a new of way of publishing the examples. As there are more and more good examples and we have less and less time to talk about them, we’ll publish them in a very simple way: only a video, an image, an infographic will be shared here. Brand Utility has this point we don’t […]

“27” – the satisfaction by Alf B. Bendixen 0

“The brand and customer satisfaction is created first and foremost by the customers experience (with the product or the service, not the advertisement).” Alf B. Bendixen via source.

“Humanism and Profits, link them to make sense” 0

Here is a great intervention by Pierre Bigazzi during the last TEDx in La Défense. It’s in French but you can add the English subtitles thanks to the Youtube interface. He explains how managers have to make sense in their mission today. He gives very inspiring stories to enable anyone to convince people to give […]

Simon Sinek : “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it” 3

Here is a great presentation by Simon Sinek, a great author and marketer. He gives some very nice examples to explain how leaders inspire actions. As we regularly insist on the purpose of the brands, Simon redefines the “why” does your company exist? Like Apple or the Wrigth brothers in the beginning of the century, […]