The Future of Advertising is not Messaging

Here is another great American planner, Gareth Kay. In this presentation, he insists on the idea.

The future of advertising isn’t messaging.

It’s in ideas that solve business problems in a culturally positive way.

Brands must have a social mission not only a commercial proposition. Of course, companies must sell but it is just another way to sell that they have to find. It is thanks to great (and useful) ideas (big or small, whatever ! Just do them !) that people will talk about your brand. That’s why social media tools are perfect to interact with your customers to improve your ideas (I mean your products and services) and to have a relevant customer service and not to promote, interupt, spam (even if you’re on Facebook to do that, it’s traditionnal advertising).
Remember, people don’t care about your brand, they just want to have a better life.

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