Social media is a place to do things

Another excellent presentation to realize that you can have any social media strategy, any very experienced and creative community manager… it doesn’t matter, that’s not the point.

People just don’t care about your brand, they don’t want to be your friend, they don’t care about your stories…

There are so many competitors and so many ads that people are bored, I mean BORED. Now with the web, the first interactive media, they can ignore you. That’s why you need to do something useful for them, something so useful that they will recommend it to their friends and more probably give you feedback about your products. Internet changed our behaviors, that’s why we need to change our way of thinking for brands and find their brand utility. I think AIDA appears like a good way to find it. Listen, interact and then DO.

Action is a result of awareness, interest and desire.

Social media are only tools, use them to do something or to interact, not to promote.

Apple illustrates perfectly this belief. The example is particularly relevant here. Did you see any official Apple Twitter accounts, Facebook page or club (official of course) ? They just did what people wanted. They created a kind of an unformal community that highly recommend their products to their friends on social media and everywhere else. Now, people are so confident in what Steve Jobs proposes them, they buy the iPad without knowing if they need it or not.

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