Inspirational vs. Aspirational audience

You might have noticed that in our definition of Brand Utility, we prefer to talk about users than customers, when it is about people who benefit from it.

We believe that Brand Utility should not be limited to people who are likely to buy your product. In the mobile application era, the marginal cost of a user tends to zero, so why giving the exclusivity of your service to your target?

Griffin Farley, in its propagation brief, makes the distinction between aspirational audience and inspirational audience. Your aspirational audience is the one who buys your products or services, who helps you to reach your business objectives. Your inspirational audience, on the contrary, is the one who will engage with your creative assets and who is likely to influence the aspirational audience in a positive way.

So when you believe that your brand should be limited to your buyers, think about other people that could do good to you without buying anything.

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