Branded context and brand situation

Here is another key presentation about new marketing and of course brand utility. Helge Tenno introduces us what’s “a bigger idea“.

The big idea is a simple one, most of big ideas are.

Michael Tchao (former Nike+ Manager & now VP Product Manager at Apple)

The image in the slide 24 is perfect to understand the new behavior to find the idea or to “light lots of small fires” (slide 17).

Blurry > You don’t need to be obvious, remember that “awareness doesn’t matter in a world of overchoice” just be essential or “intrinsinc” (slide 33).

Interesting > Consider that people will recommend your service or product because it represents something interesting to them.

Useful > Try to make people’ lives better, the slide 9 perfectly illustrate the idea “Don’t market to customers, market to situations”.

Always in Beta > Listen to what your customers say about your brand and improve what you propose, and do it again, and again… social media are the best tools to get these feedbacks and interact with people and see what they want or need. However, do not forget you must push the innovation in every aspect you can, that’s another big part of the job because you know “Actions speak louder than words”.

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