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Find the best presentations about brand utility in general.

What is useful marketing? 0

Here is a presentation I did last year I took time to translate it. I think it sums up what is useful marketing from my point of view. Do not hesitate to give your feedback. I suggest you to read first Marketing in a digital world to get the point of this one, no there’s […]

What is marketing in a digital world? 0

Here is a presentation I did last year I just translated in English about what is marketing in a digital world. I try to explain how marketing evolved from WWII until now. I describe the differences between the differents periods and show the key points to understand what is a digital world. What is marketing […]

The changing landscape of communication 0

Here is a new and excellent presentation by Helge Tennø. Most of readers of this blog work in an advertising agency. For a long time, these very special companies were focused on delivering messages but communication changed. Helge sums up perfectly all the differences between traditionnal and modern communication, the need for marketers and advertisers […]

Why User Experience is more important than Advertising 0

An interesting presentation to focus and improve your customer experience instead of thinking on your next 15 day campaign. It comes from New Zealand and the agency Optimal Experience. They explain their way of doing to create better experiences by applying design thinking. Why user experience is more important than marketing from Optimal Usability Do […]