#35 – Roche Diabetes Care – AccuCheck


A world famous pharmaceutic company : Roche, more precisely Roche Diabetes Care.

What’s the utility?

To help the patients, the company created a blog, Accu-chek, with a Facebook page and a Twitter account. We can imagine how hard it is for the patient and his family to deal with this disease. That’s why Roche proposes to help people with diabetes, as well as the friends and families who support them, to learn more about how to live healthy lives while successfully managing their diabetes. Regularly, you’ll have some relevant tips and advices to explain the diabetes and manage your life with it. The use of Facebook and Twitter is very relevant here and makes it easy for everyone.

“Living with diabetes is hard, and the many misconceptions, assumptions and half-truths out there don’t make it any easier,” said Todd Siesky, public relations and social media manager for Roche Diabetes Care in the United States. “There are a great number of diabetes advocates online who are already doing an outstanding job of education and advocacy work on behalf of people living with diabetes. We hope to amplify their voices as well as highlight issues important to everyone in the diabetes online community.”. The brand acts where it will be needed and appreciated, that’s what matters now.

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