#11 – Huggies – iGo Potty iPhone App

Who ?

Huggies and its famous pull-ups, diapers designed for babies. You can have a look at their website and story here.


What’s the utility ?

The diaper brand created a quite entertaining iPhone application to help parents make their children…go on potty!

iGo Potty App

Parents usually have a hard time making their children go on potty and it can be a real struggle in order to succeed. The iGo Potty application has a lot of different features, like an alarm to remind parents that it’s time for children to try to do their things.

igo potty

Children receive calls from “Patty the Potty” who encourages them. The application also provides rewards for children who deserved them and keep them motivated. When children have achieved goals, they also unlock access to entertaining games.
The application is available for free on iTunes.

Via Popsop

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