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How Great Companies Think Differently 0

Here is a new article from the Harvard Business Review. The previous one was on Shared Value concept with Michael Porter. This great article is written by Rosabeth Moss Kanter, she explains how the great companies think. Here are the main points to remember : > they’re focused on a commun purpose > … on […]

Creating Shared Value: Connecting Business, Societal Value and Opportunity 1

A great post from FSG website : Michael Porter, Mark Kramer and Jane Nelson discuss creating shared value and give examples from HP, Nestlé and Novartis on how corporations can put this approach into practice.

“25” – Useful quotes – Craig Greenfield 0

“Marketing can no longer live solely in your marketing department. From customer service to product development to human resources, it must live everywhere in your organization. If marketing isn’t tied to your overall business strategy, it’s pretty much useless.” Craig Greenfield

#44 – Kodak – Scenic Spots 0

Who? The late successful camera company, Kodak. What’s the utility? Brand utility sometimes does not need big budgets and advanced technology. It can be as simple as a road sign. That’s what Kodak understood when it elegantly installed signs telling Disneyworld visitors the spot was great for a family picture. And as our source, the […]