Monthly Archives: June 2010

#2 – Home Depot – More How to Less How Much Channel 1

Who ? Home Depot is a huge retailer for housing, gardening… This american company has many stores in United States, Canada and Mexico and was created in 1978. They are really relevant and their way of using social media reflect perfectly the Home Depot’s values. What’s the situation ? Whenever you need to repair, fix or […]

Branded utility by PSFK 0

Here is an old but interesting presentation about branded utilities by Sebastian Garn, PSFK. This is interesting to see that the examples are focused on widgets… it was 3 years ago, now, we know that there are other tools to be useful for brands… Branded Utility – PSFK View more presentations from Sebastian Garn.

#1 – Kodak – the share button 0

Who ? Created at the end of the 19th century, Kodak is a major company in photography and imaging. What is the situation ? After taking their photos, people want to share them with their network. People need to download them on their computer and then upload the pictures on their social networks or mail […]